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Embrace the Coming Change

Remove all hassle from fund administration Outsource your back-office to the blockchain
Launch your Fund as a token and start raising capital in hours
A turnkey, end-to-end Digital Asset Management platform

The Asset Management Protocol

Deploy in few clicks

Cadmos Investment Pools can be launched on any EVM compatible blockchain such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom…

Use any ERC-20 as your Investment Pool base currency, launch your vehicle in USDT, USDC, BUSD, EUROC, WBTC, WETH, WAVAX….

Configure multiple share classes for your Fund in a few clicks. Easily create funds using a master/feeder architecture.

Your Pool can capitalize income or distribute it. The smart contracts take care of distributing the right amount to each tokenholder.

Distribute income, or airdrops, in any ERC20 token.

Instant settlement

Given the Total Asset Value, the administration smart contracts automatically compute NAV, instantly settle pending inflows and outflows at the right price and atomically to ensure Delivery Versus Payment.

Say goodbye to T+2 settlements, Inflows and NAV updates can now be handled in real time.

Use the blockchain as your transfer agent. The Investment Pool tokens can be instantly transferred and directly held within blockchain wallets, allowing you to directly interact with your investor, with no intermediary.

Configure minimal and maximum subscription and redemption amounts for your Investment Pool.

Inflows and/or outflows can altogether be paused to adapt to liquidity conditions.


The Administration smart contracts automatically compute and enforce the payments of fees and rewards. They can be settled either in the chosen base currency or in new shares by inflating the Pool current supply.

Configure management and administration rewards and define the annual percentages of the Total Asset Value to be paid to the Strategist and Administrator

Customize the incentive reward structure:

Arbitrary Benchmark: Performance rewards can be paid relatively to any benchmark.

Crystallization Period: Define the frequency at which incentive rewards can be paid.

Soft and Hard Hurdle Rates: Align your interest with the investors by using soft and hard hurdle rates.

An Exit Fee is configurable and it can be paid

To remaining investors

And/or for the Strategist (Manager)

Define an Entry Fee or create in a few clicks a new referral link for your Investment Pools.

The referrer will be automatically paid out the configured amount when subscriptions are handled.

Investor Whitelist

Define an Investor blacklist or whitelists to ensure compliance with your chosen regulatory framework. E.g. populate your whitelist after KYC onboarding.

Whitelists can be automatically enforced by the smart contract at the primary market level (subscriptions and redemptions) or at the secondary market level (Peer-to-Peer transfers)

Make the Pool token freely transferrable between its holders or restrict transfers to Primary market operations only.

Flexible and Modular

Pool Administrative privileges can be held by any blockchain address: End User Accounts, Multisignature Wallets or other smart contracts

Define Multiple Administrators for your Investment Pool

Easily configure the rights of each Administrator

Renounce to Administrative prerogative to increase decentralization

The Protocol has been designed with a highly modulable architecture so that you may independently use some of its components to fit your specific needs

Web3 Native

CADMOS Investment Pools track records are directly registered within the smart contract on the blockchain.

Blockchain events are automatically emitted for each administrative action.

Investment Pool Tokens are Snapshottable to ensure integration with efficient reward distribution and DAO voting systems.

CADMOS Investment Pools implement the ERC-20 token standard and are compatible with DeFi primitives such as Uniswap or Aave.

The Fund Tokenization Platform

Administrative back-end

As a Strategist or Administrator create base users and administrator accounts for your team.

Team members directly login with their blockchain wallet

Launch an Investment Pool on any supported blockchain in a few clicks. Our administrative platform makes the deployment and initial configuration of the constellation of smart contracts making up an Investment Pool entirely seamless.

From a single unified interface:

Check the Pool current status, pending inflow and expected cash balance

Update the Fee parameters and pay them out

Distribute Assets to token-holders.

Update NAV and the Benchmark level

Settle pending inflows and outflows

Define whitelist policy and whitelist or blacklist investors

Configure Smart Contract Administrative rights

And more …

Customizable Front-End

Each Investment Pool has a Strategist, or manager, and an Administrator, which are displayed on the Pool front-end.

Customize the Strategist and Administrator profiles

Automatic verification of assigned Strategist and Administrator

In addition to blockchain-sourced data, which is automatically generated you can easily add colour and information for your investors with the following sections:

Key Benefits

‘How it works’ section

Investment Objective

Asset Allocation breakdown

The CADMOS Administrator and Investor Portals are fully compatible with both Metamask and WalletConnect.

Investor Portal

Protocol Investment Pools are listed on the website front-end with detailed information and performance metrics to help the user make informed investment decisions.

The Cadmos Investor portal allows the investor to directly:

Subscribe into Investment Pools

Redeem Investment Pool shares

Collect Distributions

The Pool reporting page provides transparent and real-time updates on investment performance, investment strategy and fees.

Powered by decentralized technology, our automatically generated factsheets are secure, tamper-proof, and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Programmable Compliance

Seamless onboarding for your investors. KYC checks include ID capture, liveliness detection, proof of residence and sanction screening.

Manage your legal documentation through the Cadmos Administrative Portal, upload agreements and have them automatically signed by your investors through Docusign.

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