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Build the Future of DeFi with the
CADMOS Protocol

  • 1
    Build across all EVM blockchains
    • Deploy across any EVM-based blockchain network
    • Build a cross-chain investment Pool
  • 2
    Permissionless and Un-Censorable
    • The Protocol is fully permissionless: anyone, or anything, can launch an Investment Pool
    • No clawback or Censorship power from any Authority
  • 3
    Enjoy Trustlessness
    • Create Trustless Investment Pools by integrating with decentralized keeper networks and oracles
    • Enhance the security of your Pool with smart contract enforced rules and parameters
  • 4
    High Versatility
    • Investment Pools are tokenized as standard ERC-20
    • Power your DAO and distribute Rewards with CADMOS Investment Pools
  • 5
    Modular Architecture
    • The Protocol is highly flexible and modular, allowing you to independently use some of its components to fit your specific needs
    • Integrate with partners to enjoy services such as fiat on/off ramps, KYC portals, third party oracle, and more…
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